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It is located the side of Seto Inland Sea. Beppu is a city in Ōita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan, at the west end of Beppu Bay. But it&39;s home to some interesting historical sites and most importantly, gives you access to the rest of the prefecture, japan travel guide oita famous throughout Japan for its many hot springs. Oita is the capital city of Oita Prefecture, located japan travel guide oita on Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu. For a country that loves hot springs and bathing as much as oita Japan does, the city of Beppu is a hallowed vacation destination.

The Essential The small prefecture of Oita, in the northeast of Kyushu Island, is a 90-min flight from Tokyo and a 6hr30min, japan travel guide oita 4hr and 3hr train journey from Tokyo, Nagasaki and Fukuoka respectively. If you love to venture out to off-the-beaten-track places in japan Japan, please stick to this article! When you’re not bathing and relaxing, experience a bit of Japanese culture first-hand by visiting Usa Jingu Shrine and the unique Usuki Stone Buddhas. Situated in northern Kyushu island, Oita Prefecture is given the nickname “Onsen Oita” thanks to its profusion of hot springs – japan travel guide oita it produces enough hot water every minute to fill the space the size of two Olympic-sized stadiums. Official website japan travel guide oita of the Oita Prefecture, with japan travel guide oita comprehensive guides and information on this beautiful area of Japan.

Oita boasts the most onsens guide in Japan (over 4,500), including Beppu and Yufuin, the country’s two largest hot springs japan travel guide oita areas. The Inazumi Underwater Limestone Caves in Oita Prefecture are the largest series of underwater limestone caves in Japan. oita Oita was an important centre for Christian missionaries, so visitors may be surprised to find a fair number of churches mixed in with guide the usual temples and shrines.

The prefectural capital is Oita City. Oita Prefecture is most well-known for the eight hells of Beppu, which is one oita of the most famous hot spring areas in Japan. Read to travel find recommendations for renowned natural hot springs, local food like Japanese beef, japan travel guide oita nature-filled spots, stunning temples, and other things to do on a trip. oita It is famous for its numerous stone Buddhas which are sculpted into the walls of cliffs and designated as national treasures. Basic etiquette at an onsen includes making sure you shower oita before entering a bath (facilities will be provided in the majority of cases). Please check the SeeingJapan for your trip reference.

Oita is easily accessed by plane, car or train from all across Japan. One such region that is often largely missed on traveller’s itineraries is Oita, Japan. It is also famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot with more than 70 somei-yoshino cherry trees. com introduces detailedly Oita travel guides of, where large number of Oita attractions in 9 are collected, and tourists can find travel guidebook regarding popular scenic spots, popular cities, travel lines, food and most popular destinations.

The bus stops japan travel guide oita japan travel guide oita in japan travel guide oita Beppu along the way. Oita prefecture is famous for japan its karaage deep-fried chicken morsels. With a population of just under half a million people, Oita has the charm of a small city while japan travel guide oita still having a ton of fun things to do japan and see. Oita Prefecture is on the north-eastern area of Kyushu Island bordered by Miyazaki Prefecture to the south, Fukuoka and Kumamoto Prefectures to the west with Shikoku Island to the east. Oita Prefecture (大分県, Ōita-ken) is located on the eastern coast of Kyushu. Free Shipping Available. There are many beautiful and relaxing onsen japan in Oita including the scenic Yufuin Onsen area.

Find accommodation, activities, oita traditions and information about the Rugby World Cup! The journey takes about an hour and the cost is JPY ¥1,550. Along with onsen spas, Oita offers timeless history, nostalgic Japanese cultural experiences, and a wide variety of savory. If japan travel guide oita japan travel guide oita you want to travel to the garden by bus, take the bus bound japan travel guide oita for Sekinoe, Tetsuwa or Kunisaki at JR Oita Station and get off at the japan travel guide oita Takasakiyama-Shizendobutsu-koen-mae bus stop.

It rarely goes below freezing but it will japan travel guide oita be cold, and summer temperatures average around 25C. Oita Station is served by the Kyudai, Hohi and japan travel guide oita Nippo Main train lines, offering access to Beppu, Yufuin, Hita, Saiki and other parts of the prefecture. Stroll along historic streets untouched by time. What is the best Oita travel guidebook? cc Japan Travel Guide. Yufuin is a less developed alternative to onsen resort japan travel guide oita town Beppu, just ten kilometers away in central Oita Prefecture.

Currently, you can see the stonewall with turrets and moat that protected the castle. Top destinations in Oita. Or, you take the bus of the japan Oita -Kotsu Bus bound for Oita Station at JR Beppu Station and get off at the Takasakiyama-Shizendobutsu-koen-mae bus stop.

Vacation Car Rental Packages Oita. Oita can be reached from Tokyo&39;s Haneda Airport in less than two hours and Osaka&39;s Itami Airport in one hour. Special Online Rates and Discounts.

Oita on the island of Kyushu is famous throughout Japan for its hot springs japan travel guide oita and snow-white plumes of steam are commonplace throughout the city and prefecture of the same oita name. See more oita videos for japan Japan Travel Guide Oita. It is famous for hot springs heated by geothermic activity. Lowest-Price Guarantee, Book & Save.

Places to guide visit / Things to do in Oita. It is known as the best Onsen Prefecture. Surrounded by the mountains and the sea, nature-rich Oita is best known for hot springs. Taxi Approx JPY ¥11,000-14,000. There are a lot of things to do in japan travel guide oita Oita, sightseeing, gourmet, shopping, souvenir, etc.

japan travel guide oita In Japan, Buddha statues are usually made of wood or metal, and stone Buddhas are rare. The caves were formed 300 million. The gateway to Kyushu&39;s hot spring country, the place to go for natural healing The seat of the prefectural government, Oita City is fairly small and unassuming. Just north of Oita City is Beppu, one japan travel guide oita of japan travel guide oita Japan&39;s most famous hot spring resorts. Given the mountainous inland areas, Oita offers natural scenic beauty and super japan travel guide oita fresh seafood every season. The luxury Aru japan travel guide oita Ressha train was designed by Eiji Mitooka. Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels Oita Japan. The Mameda area is home to some of the japan travel guide oita oldest merchant houses and storehouses in Japan.

How to Get There. Beppu offers an unmatched range of baths to be enjoyed, japan travel guide oita japan including ordinary hot water baths, mud baths, sand baths and steam baths. Money japan travel guide oita Back Guarantee! Oita is located in the northeast of Kyushu. Yes, Oita is a prefecture located in the northern part of Kyushu Island. Oita; Oita is located in the eastern part japan travel guide oita of Kyushu along the Setonaikai (Seto Inland Sea). Bus The Air Liner airport express bus takes an hour to the city centre.

Beppu japan travel guide oita (別府) is one of Japan&39;s most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country. "When the cooler weather arrives in Japan, locals love nothing more than to head to onsen resorts to indulge japan travel guide oita in a warm soak. SeeingJapan delivers the Oita Travel Guide Information to you. Oita Prefecture’s self-proclaimed title of “Japan’s best hot springs” is no lie. It is then a one-hour bus ride guide or 25-minute ride by hovercraft from the airport into the city. Usuki (臼杵) is a former castle town located on the east coast of Oita Prefecture japan travel guide oita oita in Kyushu. JPY ¥1,550 per person.

Oita Bus, Oita Kotsu, Kamenoi Bus and a handful of others offer this highway service and travel time is approximately two hours, nearly identical to JR Kyushu&39;s Sonic. By flying into the airport, Oita City can be reached from Haneda Airport in Tokyo in less japan than two hours, and Osaka&39;s Itami Airport in an hour. Our blogger is amazed by Oita, from its scenery, its onsen to its karaage (fried chicken). Japan National Route 10 at japan Oita, Oita The principal railway station of the city is Ōita Station where Nippō Main Line, Kyūdai Main Line, and Hōhi Main Line of JR Kyushu gathers. It is accessible by car, bus and train. guide The prefecture, however, is also a seafood lover&39;s paradise with local foods like shiroshita karei white flounder, hyugadon tuna japan travel guide oita marinated japan travel guide oita in sesame oil and uruka fermented sweetfish viscera. most visited in Kunisaki Peninsula The Oita Prefectural Museum of japan travel guide oita History (大分県立歴史博物館, Ōita Kenritsu Rekishi Hakubutsukan) is an excellent museum which introduces Oita &39;s history, culture and key attractions. 5 Star Small Luxury Hotels.

Sightseeing Guide: Oita Oita Prefecture (大分県) is one of prefectures of the Kyusyu Island. The city is blessed by as many as eight different springs, named Beppu Onsen, Kannawa Onsen, Myoban Onsen, Kankaiji Onsen, Hamawaki Onsen, Kamegawa Onsen, Horita Onsen and Shibaseki Onsen, each featuring public baths and ryokan with bathing facilities. Oita is a humid climate with hot summers and chilly winters. Beppu is one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Japan. Get around edit To get to some of the smaller places hiring a car is a very good or only option as public transport can be rare and not particularly convenient. Travel time 30 minutes. Oita Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, is filled with wonderful spots great for travel, including Beppu and Yufuin. It’s best known for its onsen (hot springs) and the surrounding nature, with temples and shrines scattered all throughout lush mountains.

These castle ruins in Oita Prefecture presently belong to Oita -joshi Park. Use car rental in Oita for your vacation rentals. The Oita Prefecture is located in the north-eastern section of the island of Kyushu, south of the main Honshu island.

Japan Happy tourism starts from Trip. It is located in Usa City at the base of the Kunisaki Peninsula, just a few kilometers away from the important Usa Shrine. You can get to Oita by plane from Haneda, Narita, Osaka (Itami), Nagoya, and even Seoul (Incheon) in about japan travel guide oita 1-2 hours depending on your point of.

Beyond all the fresh seafood on offer here, you won&39;t want to miss the healing hot springs in Oita, particularly Beppu, Yufuin and Tsukano Kosen. Oita Airport is connected to the city via the Air Liner airport express bus. Oita, which has a history of accepting those with tattoos, recently launched a website with a function that allows visitors to easily search for these baths.

Oita is in the northeast of Kyushu, the westernmost of Japan’s four main islands. Train: From Oita Station, take the JR Kyudai Line to Yufuin Station, an hour-long journey covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Oita - Enjoy Hot Springs, Stunning Views, And Delicious Food. Dating from the late 17th century, the Kusano house is the oldest house in Oita Prefecture. It ranks the highest in the country for both the existing number of hot springs (4,381) and the annual amount of spring water output. Free Shipping Available.